The 6ix Pillars of High Self-Esteem

A weak pillar can not support it's structure. Pillars lift and support structures by their own strength and solid foundation. Here are six pillars of high self-esteem, to lift and support YOU. I. Practice Living In The Present Be thankful.Be aware of surroundings and the feelings of others.Focus more on how far you have come,…

“Never Argue With Children” – Rosalee Zeno

As I honor the graduation anniversary of the amazing woman who wrote this anecdote and spend the day being a vessel for everything she enjoyed, i wanted to reshare. RIP Momo .

This anecdote was written by my Momo (grandmother), Rosalee Zeno and shared with me. I Love and miss you Momo.

Rosalee Zeno. I skipped class this day to take her out to eat. 🙂

“A little girl was talking to her teacher about whales.

Photo by Elianne Dipp

The teacher said it was physically impossible for a whale to swallow a human because even though it was a very large mammal, it’s throat was very small.

The little girl stated that Jonah was swallowed by a whale. Irritated, the teacher reiterated that a whale could not swallow a human; it was physically impossible.

Photo by Olya Kobruseva

The little girl said, “when I get to heaven I’ll ask Jonah. The teacher asked, “what if Jonah went to hell?”

Photo by George Becker

The little girl replied, “Then, you ask him”.

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Black Friday : Yes, You Can Make Money Today Too!

Well, I guess I am black EVERY FRIDAY 🙂 check this out – earns me an extra $200 a month!

The only thing I am here to sale you today, is free game…

In this post, “Breezideezi” Ways to Make MoneyOnline , I shared my top ways to earn online everyday. My most reliable platform, for years, has been Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Today, I want to give you some free game that will “work if you work it” , regarding Mturk.

A FREE, google-chrome extension, made solely for finding and saving high-paying jobs named MTurk suite.

This google chrome extension enhances Mechanical Turk to increase your efficiency and earnings.

This extension is very helpful , especially if you follow these breezideezi tips , gathered through failure and much success!

Breezideezi is giving away money advice! Let me get in line!

  • Always keep HIT Finder and HIT Catcher running. HIT means Human Intelligence Tasks, things that bots can not do. The MTurk Suite extension has 4 tabs: Catcher, Suite…

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Setting SIMPLE Monetary Goals

#breezideezi tips on securing extra gas , grocery or “whatever” money! Tested , Tried & Approved by the author . 🙂 God bless you.

We would allagree that life would be easier with more cha-ching.

Some people find ways to stretch the income they have by saving change or reducing monthly expenses (do you really need 600 television channels?) where they can.

Saving change is cute but..

My first year of undergrad taught me I should do all of the aforementioned things to survive , but with even more intention.

Set SIMPLE monetary goals.

Here are some breezideezi ways that I’ve been able to pay bills or treat myself, as a result of setting simple monetary goals that didn’t excite me or make my hands start to itch to spend! I am not a financial advisor in any way, just a hustler… with seriousintention.

I’m just a hustler; NOT a financial advisor 🙂

  • Get cash back every time you go to the grocery store, even if it’s…

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The Straw That Broke The Teacher’s Back

Just reflecting on my best move of #2020. As i am currently in an unexpected situation I woke up to this morning that was totally out of my control ; THIS moment – was when I took full control of my life. I encourage anyone that sees this to evaluate what is draining you and if you have control to end it !

I have been… erratic? or impulsive in my choices..? My therapist says grief will do that to you.

It’s been an interesting year for Teachers everywhere.

Thumbnail from my brutally honest testimonial

I had to spray my kid’s desk with lysol every 30 minutes…

2 kids tested positive for COVID, branding my place of employment as a “COVIDcampus“…

I was threatened with “sub pay” unless I took the $118 PPR exam by Oct 14th. I took it Friday Oct 9th, the day before laying my grandpa to rest. I did not study. I aced the test.

I returned to work to more chaos, but hey, all I needed now was my principal recommendation to finally get my standard teaching certificate in a system in which my credentials would continue to be threatened based on admin’s temperament.

Administration knows I need this recommendation.

My emails are ignored.

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I took a nap.

The roots of fatigue run deep, especially for those that create to survive. The ideas, constantly flowing through our brains, the second-guessing of decision far in our past... Guess what I had to do yesterday? TAKE A NAP. I pray for increase in faith, my endeavors, my ideas and my support. As a creator, I…

Support is a Circle of Karma

As I type this, my heart is so full.  Full of appreciation, Full of thanks, Full of confusion… Photo from How has my very non-linear path led me to this place, where people I don’t know are blessing me in ways I never could fathom? Photo from Fear has governed so many of…