At night, the busyness and movement of the day… S T O P S. Things slow down, and your mind turns UP.

Or, is it just me?

I’ve really had to work at managing my night anxiety without the distraction of an impulsive, interrogative partner. At times, his chaos was better than dealing with my own thoughts and night-time anxiety. Here are my tested, tried and true ways to mitigate those night-time worries.

Hard to sleep ? You aren’t alone. You also can change this, wit some #BreeziDeezi tips.

Night-Anxiety = SOggy leftovers.

  • You can’t reheat chipotle too much, it becomes soggy and gross. Consider the same for the those thoughts that “pop up” at night and drown you, keep you from sleeping. Those thoughts are leftovers, suppressed from earlier in the day when you were too occupied to digest them. Realize that you’re chomping on soggy leftovers, and try something new, like the following advice:

Wear. Yourself. Out.

  • If you work-out regularly, or if you are just considering starting, it will truly help you sleep at night. Just start. Wear yourself out! For me personally, I work out in the mornings by running. You may prefer to work out at night, it’s up to you. This energy transmutes into my day as I write, research and work. At night, the soreness in my legs is so intense that I am eager to lie down, once I lie down , the thoughts/anxiety start. However, this leads to my next tip:

Gratitude Lists

  • While laying down, if the thoughts/ night-anxiety begin… start to recite all that you are grateful for in your mind. (You can also type this on your iphone, but staying away from blue light is probably best.)
!Disclaimer! Scrolling social media will NOT help you sleep…
  • I usually turn off all lights, ask Alexa to play rain sounds, close my eyes and begin to recite in my head: “As I fall asleep peacefully, I am grateful for: *list blessings here* – no matter how big or small, go over every thing and person you are grateful for. You’ll be asleep in no time.

Read this relevant blog on gratitude.

Try it, and comment below if it worked for you!



5 thoughts on “How To Mitigate Night Anxiety

  1. Wow! Great analyzation! I like the metaphor of “leftovers”. Yes! I agree! Our thoughts are leftovers from the day. I often do that. Think about what went wrong, what I could’ve or should’ve done better, did I accomplish my goals/objectives for the day and how I don’t have this or that. Thus, I’m up most of the night! Thanks for sharing your tips. When I work out I do sleep better. I will do my “grateful” list tonight. Thanks breezideezi. You never disappoint!

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  2. I love this! I have night time anxiety sometimes because either I am thinking about what I need to do the next day at work, did I pay all my bills that are due /did I forget something (LOL). I also have anxiety that causes fear such as, what would I do if something happens to my daughter or what will she do if something happens to me. Different thoughts and emotions go through my head and makes it harder to fall asleep. And don’t let me be sick because then I am afraid to sleep for fear of not waking up. I pray until I do fall asleep but I will incorporate your techniques as well. Thank you for all the great tips you provide!

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