“Crazy” Coupon ladies get a bad rep, but in reality, they are


Q u e e n s !

#SideHustleSaturdays are a gem , spread the word ?!

For this chapter of Side Hustle Saturday, I’ll share a few perks you should absolutely sign up for, to save yourself, time, money and possibly increased insurance rates. It’s all free, too. 😉


Sprint / T-mobile (FREE) *My FAVORITE PERK OF 2022*

  • The Sprint/T-mobile merger was nightmare for me initially, but the perks make up for the towers failing.
Maybe if I put my phone by the window, it’ll work…
  • EVERY week, on Tuesdays, T-mobile offers a free perk. Their #TmobileTuesdays perks can be found online (Check it out here!) but found best, on their app. The perks range from free movie tickets, to car washes, to discounts on fast food.
“Um, hello Geico, I’d like to cancel my AAA. My bill will be reduced by $25? Cancel immediately please!”

Amazon Insights (FREE)

  • Leave reviews on products you purchase, and Amazon will email YOU to offer you $3 gift cards for 10-question surveys on why you chose their product and how useful you found the products page.
The emails look like this, complete the short survey and then you’ll receive the following email…

About a week , maybe two after you provide insight, they send you a gift card code. These codes add up… 🙂

$3 added to gift card balance just like that! The more active you are, the more you are offered…

What do you like to eat?

  • If there’s an app for your favorite fast-food, there are PERKS too.
Chilli’s is already cheap but they also have perks, so I’m usually “in there like swimwear”.
  • Chipotle? I also love. Download the app, scan each time you eat there and the points rack up. I can redeem now for double protein or keep stacking for a free bowl… 🙂 Check out their rewards program here.
  • Taco Bell? Download the app and receive a free Doritos Loco Taco, among other perks. Check out their perks here.

Seek, and you shall find! Enjoy the perks. You earn them by being a returning customers to these establishments and paying your hard earned money. Why not reap the benefits?


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3 thoughts on “Side Hustle Saturday Ch.12 – FREE Perks $

  1. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Thank you breezideezi for another side hustle Saturday! I look forward to these! I’m still doing crowdtap from last Saturday. I just signed up for Chipotle rewards! I like your tenacity and willingness to share. God Bless you and all you endeavors. Looking forward to next Saturday’s Side Huslte👍🏾🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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