This awesome program pays you for pictures of your receipts.

This. Is. Not. A. Drill.

Easy Money is everywhere. Are you seeking it ?

Launched in October 2020, Amazon Shopper Panel is easy to use and quick to pay. Here is all the info on this Side Hustle – let’s make it #BreeziDeezi shall we?

Step 1: Download the app on IOS or android.

The icon for Iphones. I don’t know about you android people… just kidding 🙂

Amazon will invite you via email. You are more likely to receive the invite if you already use other Amazon platforms, such as Amazon Mechanical Turk or Amazon Fresh Grocery Delivery – both of which I use and you should too! If you are interested in Amazon Shopper Panel but do not receive an email invite, you can use the app to join a waitlist for an invite.

Step 2: Start taking pics of your receipts!

From an Aldi haul – it was instantly approved !

You only need to upload 10 per month so there is no urgency to do it every day. Uploads are almost always instantly approved.

1 receipt = 1 $usd

Step 3: Choose your payout.

The money can go directly to your Amazon gift card balance to be used for shopping, groceries and more. The other pay option is a charitable donation to one of the organizations listed within the app (tax write-off).

choose how you want to get paid. I choose amazon balance because I buy household essentials and groceries on Amazon.

The simplicity of this program and the reward is well worth it. Every time you go to the grocery store, happy hour or the cafe’, you earn $1.


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