You get a Benjamin ! You get a Benjamin! Everyone (that hustles) gets a Benjamin!

“Faith without works is dead”

James 2:14-26

I wanted to compile my top side hustles for you wonderful self-investors. Some I use on a daily basis, others are good to use when you have time. However, all are tried and true. I am still learning and often google new platforms, so should you.

Highest Earning Potential

  • Amazon Mechanical Turk (Detailed advice on using this platform here)
  • Prolific (UK based but hey, Paypal turns euros to usd!)
  • CRYPTO *with caution* ($LTC cost me $4 months a few ago. There’s a dip right now, but I’m close to 11400% ROI!

Lost money on a Cryptocurrency purchase? It happens. Never gamble what you can not afford to lose. recommends speaking to a financial advisor as we are unable to offer financial advice.

Best For Daily Use

  • 5 Miles – open the app everyday for 2 weeks and get a $5 Amazon gift card. Rinse and Repeat. šŸ™‚
  • Survey Junkie – redeem to paypal, your bank or gift cards. Slow, but steady !

For Amazon Gift Cards

  • QuickThoughts (Mobile App Only) – $10 cash out minimum for gift cards. Easy !
  • CrowdTap – 1000 points needed to redeem for a wide range of gift card options (I also use AmazonFresh grocery delivery because it accepts gift cards)

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